Permit Fees

Building Permits: Fees are based on the total cost of the improvements to be made, with a minimum fee of $30.60. The fee for demolishing a structure is $51. The fee for moving a structure, including mobile homes, is $76.50. View Building Permit Fee Scale.

Mechanical Permits: Fees are based upon the cost of the work to be performed, with minimum fee of $30.60. View Mechanical Permit Fee Scale.

Electrical Permits: Fees are based upon the number and type of outlets to be installed and/or the number and size of main or sub-panels, with a minimum fee of $30.60.

Plumbing Permits: Fees are based upon the number of fixtures or devices to be installed, with a minimum fee of $30.60.

Other Fees
Amusement Device Permit Fees
Planning and Zoning Fees
Plan Review Fees
Sign Permit Fees

Please add a 2% levy fee to all permits.

Inspection Fees
Fee Descriptions
Fee Amount
  • Additional inspections made necessary by undue delays in work
  • Use of improper materials or workmanship
  • Failure to have ready any required tests
  • Continued violations of the Uniform Statewide Building Code (USBC)

  • Inspections and investigations necessary to verify work being done without the required permits
  • Special inspections beyond or after normal working hours of the department
$55 for the first hour, $27.50 for each subsequent hour